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    • 07 Sep 2017
    • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Multnomah Art Center

     Richard Dlugo has a well earned reputation for designing and making toys, but his are special...they move! Up and down, side to side, bobbling along made possible with offset axles, springs, gears, and other tricks of the trade.  

    At the Club meeting, an introduction to toy making will be provided.  This talk will cover a number of topics including design considerations, safety and mechanics.  There will also be a video as well as physical display of toys that Richard has made so you can get an up close look.    

    The design of toys like are his specialty but he is a wood artisan in his own right as well.  You may have seen his article in the December 2016 AAW magazine which can be accessed and downloaded from his website.  Also, see the latest issue of AAW for Richard's article on making yo-yo's.

    His website is Richard Dlugo - Wood Artisan


    • 08 Sep 2017
    • 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    • Guild of Oregon Woodworkers; 7634 SW 34th Avenue Portland, OR 97219
    • 21

    Ever wonder how someone goes about making a child's toy that wobbles, bounces, and moves about? Would you like to make toys for grandchildren or as gifts or to sell? Our demonstrator, Richard Dlugo, will show you how its done.

    Richard Dlugo is a retired music teacher who began making toys many years ago.  After retiring he developed an interest in animated toys.  He has designed and sold many toy types at shows and craft fairs.  He has been published in the AAW magazine, last December and August of this year and will be publishing another AAW article in the spring on toy critters.  

    Richard Dlugo - Wood Artisan

    Friday’s workshop will include a number of demonstrations on toy making.  We’ll start off with an overview of design and then focus on a number of mechanisms that can be used to animate toys.  Each will be shown and explained along with a model that illustrates its use.  We’ll cover cams, gears, yokes, bent bars, springs and more.

    Many wooden toys call for the use of wheels and so another session will be focused on making your own wheels.  Oh sure, you can buy them cheap on-line but why be vanilla when you can be sorbet? Designs that go well beyond the ordinary machine-made wheels will be shown. Included will be oversize wheels, textured tires, and spoked wheels. You’ll also see a some decorative techniques to add pizzazz to your inventions.

    When we think of wooden toys we often start with images of cars, trucks, airplanes and other construction equipment, pretty much boy focused.  But what about the young ladies who might want to play with those too but would also like something in their own realm.  This session will focus on some items fit for her and include some sweet treats that would fit right into that little girl’s imagination kitchen.

    Animals, critters and tiny people.  Demonstrated will be designs and techniques for producing the characters that can be part of an animated toy or even stand alone in a play neighborhood that comes alive with little friends and pets.

    So plan to come out and see some toys and techniques that can make you even more popular than Santa!

    The demonstration day will be at the workshop of the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, just around the corner from the Multnomah Art Center.  We'll start at 8:30am, have an hour for lunch and end by 3:30pm.

    • 05 Oct 2017
    • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Multnomah Art Center

    We are very fortunate to have Dan Tilden come up from Ashland to spend the evening with us.  Dan is well known for his creative hollow forms, thin walled vessels out of madrone burl, creative "walkabouts" and he also makes wooden sinks.  Dan met Christian Burchard, a major supporter of Ashland High School's woodturning class, then studied under him for several more years.

    Dan says:  “I like to incorporate the natural features the raw tree has to offer in my pieces. A natural edge opening, or the movement and warping of green wood, or a knot or a branch incorporated in the shape all add character to the final piece. What some woodworker consider a flaw in the wood, I use to my advantage. As I work each piece, the material speaks back to me telling me which direction I should take it...I let the piece speak as an individual."

    Today, Dan's work appears in galleries all along the West Coast.  He's a frequent demonstrator at wood turning gatherings.  He'll offer a one of a kind Club demo, so don't miss it!

    • 02 Nov 2017
    • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Multnomah Art Center

    I'm looking for a club member who is willing to do a demo that can be done in an hour or slightly less.  Requesting a topic related to items that can be given as holiday gifts, but doesn't have to be.  


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