Upcoming events

    • 04 Aug 2018
    • 11:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    • David & Karen Williams' home; 6675 SW 155th Ave, Beaverton

    Our very popular annual picnic and fund raising auction for Members and guests will be, once again, at the home of David and Karen Williams.  It's a lot of fun and our single biggest fund raiser for our Club's treasury.  You will go home with a good meal, good fun and some good deals on wood and vendor donations that you will bid on.

    Picnic:  the main dishes off the BBQ will be hamburgers, hot dogs and Steve Newberry's famous brisket.  If you have special dietary needs, please bring those items. Please bring for sharing a side dish such as potato or macaroni salads, baked beans, watermelon or a desert, including your own beer or wine.  The Club will provide water and a selection of soft drinks, paper plates, cups, napkins and utensils.  

    Arrive anytime after 11am with the plan to start eating by around noon.    

    Auction:  Auctioneer Dave Colsen will bring his lively banter to entice and humor us to loosen up our purse strings.  We will have for the auction: wood turned items donated by members like you, wood cut/sealed, donations from vendors like D-Way Tools, Boxmaster Tools, RoboHippy, Rockler, NW Woods and Woodcraft.  We have some very nice Oregon white oak cut and other common species that have been donated.  

    To Bring:

    • A finished wood turned item to donate for the auction, if desired.
    • Wood blank(s), cut to a manageable size and sealed.  No monster logs, please!
    • Your side dish or a dessert
    • Your own alcoholic beverages 
    • A folding chair for you and your guest
    As soon as registration is enabled you will be notified by email.

    Note: any wood you bring that does not sell, we ask you to take home.  

    The Williams' Home

    6675 SW 155th AVe

     Beaverton OR 97007

    • 11 Aug 2018
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • 19117 NE 29th Av, Ridgefield, WA 98642

    Jon and Velna are planning to move to Georgia.  Jon was one of the early members of Cascade Woodturners and a great supporter of Cascade and the AAW. 

    Date: Saturday August 11, 2018, 9:00 - 12:00

    Location: 19117 NE 29th Av, Ridgefield, WA 98642   360-887-8339

    There will be a sale at Jon Schillings shop on Saturday August 11th Jon has a lot of woodturning equipment and roughed out bowls.  Jon has high quality turning tools and chucks.  Below is the list of big equipment that is for sale.  If you would like to buy the big equipment contact Jon.  It is nice if we can sell the big equipment before the Saturday Aug 11th date because it gives us more room for the sale.  The smaller equipment, tools, chucks, roughed out bowls and sandpaper will be sold on Aug 11th.  If you are willing to help Dale, Howard and Randy clean up and organize the shop for the sale please contact Dale at 503-661-7793 or

    Location: 19117 NE 29th Av, Ridgefield, WA 98642   360-887-8339

    • Oneway 2436 with extra 17” bed  $5000
    • Jet 14-42 lathe, like new,  $1200
    • Grizzly 20” bandsaw G1258 220 vt, with extra blades  $1200
    • Jet 2 bag big dust system 220 vt, and piping $600
    • Baldor 8” grinder on heavy duty stand with one CBN wheel  $600
    • Stihl 440 chain saw with extra bars and chains $500
    • Vacuum pump, gage and connectors  $250      

    • 06 Sep 2018
    • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Multnomah Arts Center

    Tom Willing's well-received demo on turning spheres in June led us to invite him back to demonstrate his approach to turning a box at our September meeting. We are happy to say he has agreed to do so. From tool techniques (using a skew, back-hollowing, slip-fitting parts) to aesthetics (elements and principles of design), making boxes on a lathe integrates more skills into one project than anything other you can imagine, and while the project may seem a little daunting at first, Tom says the effort to learn how is well worth the satisfying results you can achieve. Tom is quick to credit the work and practice of such turners as Richard Raffan, Ray Key, and the Battys as inspirations for his extended exploration of box turning. Tom's demo at the September meeting will be a preview into the hands-on workshop he will teach for the club on September 22nd.

    Show & Tell - Bring your items for show and tell! 

    Monthly Challenge

    Monthly Wood Raffle - $1/ticket, 6 tickets for $5

    NWWT Store Open - Great deals on CA glue, sanding discs, AnchorSeal, and more.

    • 22 Sep 2018
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Multnomah Arts Center - Cottage 5
    • 6

    Box Making

    Date:  September 22, 2018
    Location:  Cottage 5, Multnomah Arts Center
    Time:  9am-4pm
    Cost:  $90, includes box blanks

    Instructor:  Tom Willing

    Description:  After his September Club demonstration, Tom will now work with you to create a box of your own design.  Tom will walk everyone through the process of roughing it out, the design considerations, the chucking methods needed to finish the top and bottom, and options to finish.  See the September Box Making Demo description for our Club meeting for more on Tom's background and approach to box making.  

    All box blanks will be provided, but you, of course may bring your own.  

    At the start of the class, Tom will present the lesson plan for the day and discuss the option of working straight through and finishing without a lunch break.  However, Priority One is that you will make a box by the end of the class.

    For those who sign up, more information will be provided to prepare you for this class regarding wood to bring, tools needed and other information.  


    • What to bring to the class:

      • Eye, lung, and hearing protection
      • Spindle Roughing Gouge
      • Skew
      • Square-end Scraper or Bedan
      • Parting Tool
      • Spindle Gouge
      • Detail Gouge (optional)
      • Inside Calipers
      • 150mm/6" Rule
      • Pencil
      • Abrasives - in a range of grits from 80 - 400
      • Walnut Oil
      • Shop Rag or Paper Shop Towels.
      • Box lunch or snacks to carry you through the day.

    • 04 Oct 2018
    • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Multnomah Arts Center

    Just in time for holiday craft fairs, or as gifts to family and friends, or even for your own holiday celebrations, we'll have several session presentations by members on making the parts and pieces of ornaments and decorations.  We're working on that lineup now, so if you have something to bring and show, please contact Mike Porter.

    Show & Tell - Bring your items for show and tell! 

    Monthly Challenge = Boxes

    Monthly Wood Raffle - $1/ticket, 6 tickets for $5

    NWWT Store Open - Great deals on CA glue, sanding discs, AnchorSeal, and more.

    • 01 Nov 2018
    • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Multnomah Arts Center

    Have you ever been at the lathe and something goes wrong?  Really?  Well, you're not alone and if you've been turning for a while you have figured out how to save it or were shown how to by someone else.  Let's see...have you gone through the bottom of a bowl or box?  Have you wanted to repair or fill a crack in an otherwise nice piece of wood?  Have you used paint or pyrography to hide mistakes or blemishes?  These secretes and more will be on display.  We're working on that lineup now, so if you have something to bring and show, please contact Mike Porter.

    We'll precede the program with annual elections of our Officers and Board of Directors.  Please be thinking about how you can serve the Club in a leadership position and contact any of the current Officers or Board with your questions.

    Show & Tell - Bring your items for show and tell! 

    Monthly Challenge = Holiday Ornaments

    Monthly Wood Raffle - $1/ticket, 6 tickets for $5

    NWWT Store Open - Great deals on CA glue, sanding discs, AnchorSeal, and more.


Past events

14 Jun 2018 AAW 2018 Symposium - Discounted Tickets
07 Jun 2018 July Meeting: Cancelled...NO MEETING THIS MONTH!
07 Jun 2018 June Meeting: Turning a Sphere - Tom Willing
12 May 2018 Meals on Wheels Bowl-a-Thon
03 May 2018 May Meeting: Surface Spiraling & Texturing - by John Beechwood
05 Apr 2018 April Meeting: Multi-Station Technique Demonstrations
10 Mar 2018 Sharpening Skills - Hands On Class
01 Mar 2018 March Meeting: Mike Meredith - Pepper & Salt Mills
03 Feb 2018 Ashley Harwood on Turning Skills - All Day Demo
02 Feb 2018 Bowl Turning Skills - Hands On Class
01 Feb 2018 February Meeting:Demonstrator Ashley Harwood
04 Jan 2018 January Meeting - Annual Tool Swap
02 Nov 2017 November Meeting:Demonstrator Jerry Harris "Turning a Cowboy Hat" and Annual Elections
05 Oct 2017 October Meeting: Dan Tilden, "Exploring Natural Edge Designs"
08 Sep 2017 Making Animated Toys - All Day Demo
07 Sep 2017 September Meeting: Animated Toys by Richard Dlugo
05 Aug 2017 August Meeting: Annual Picnic and Auction
08 Jul 2017 Hands On Class: Tania Radda: Embellishing Your Turnings with Cold Bend Hardwood
06 Jul 2017 July Meeting: Tania Radda: Artful Turnings Using Cold Bend Hardwood
17 Jun 2017 Woodworker Estate Sale - Update
01 Jun 2017 June Meeting: Lloyd Johnson: The Latest Trends in Segmented Turning
13 May 2017 Making a Windsor Stool
04 May 2017 May Meeting: Miguel Hernandez: Multi-axis off-center turning
06 Apr 2017 April Meeting: Tom Wiling: Turning an egg form
02 Mar 2017 March Meeting: Rick Rich - Turning a Windsor Stool
02 Feb 2017 February Meeting: Michael Ferreira - Unique Color Finishes
22 Jan 2017 TVFD "Plug" Program and Spindle Turning Class
01 Dec 2016 December Meeting - No Meeting - Merry Christmas!
03 Nov 2016 November Meeting: Elections, Tom Willing - Chucking and Scott Trumbo Serious Toolworks
06 Oct 2016 October Meeting: Reed Gray: 3 Skills for Turning
24 Sep 2016 Turner's shop sale- Saturday, Sept 24, 2016
24 Sep 2016 Tom Wirsing - Platter Work - Hands-On Class - Saturday
23 Sep 2016 Tom Wirsing - Platter Work - All-day demo - Friday
01 Sep 2016 September Meeting: Tom Hasting-Turning Natural Edge Bowls
13 Aug 2016 Spindle Turning and Beyond w/Graeme Priddle & Melissa Engler- All-day demo
12 Aug 2016 Spindle Turning and Beyond w/Graeme Priddle & Melissa Engler- Hands-On Class
06 Aug 2016 NWWT Picnic & Auction
16 Jul 2016 Sharpening - Techniques, Jigs and Grinders
07 Jul 2016 July Meeting: Carl Jacobson: Three Piece Boxes
25 Jun 2016 Wally Dickerson shop sale- Saturday, June 25
02 Jun 2016 June Meeting: Phil Lapp: Hollowing Systems & Trent Bosch Visualizer System
05 May 2016 May Meeting: Steve Newberry: Turn a Ladle
07 Apr 2016 April Meeting: Terry Gerros - Twists (April 7, 2016)
03 Mar 2016 March Meeting: Rotating Demos (March 3, 2016)
20 Feb 2016 Ashley Harwood - Hands-On Class (Saturday Feb 20, 2016)
19 Feb 2016 Ashley Harwood - All-Day Demo (Friday Feb 19, 2016)
04 Feb 2016 February Meeting: Dale Larson - From Tree to Bowl (Feb 4, 2016)
07 Jan 2016 January Meeting - 1-7-16 - Annual Tool Swap
03 Dec 2015 December Meeting - No Meeting - Merry Christmas!
05 Nov 2015 November Meeting 11-5-15 - Turning a Crotch - Phil Lapp
01 Oct 2015 October Meeting 10-1-15 - Jim Hall - Ornaments
05 Sep 2015 Christian Burchard – All Day Class
04 Sep 2015 Christian Burchard – All Day Demo
03 Sep 2015 September Meeting - Christian Burchard
08 Aug 2015 NWWT Picnic & Auction
06 Aug 2015 August Meeting - Canceled - Auction Instead
11 Jul 2015 North Woods - Warehouse Sale & Open House
02 Jul 2015 July Meeting 7-2-15 - Finishing Techniques
20 Jun 2015 Guild Day at Rockler's - CANCELLED
13 Jun 2015 Wood Selection & Processing - Refine Your Skills
04 Jun 2015 June Meeting 6-4-15
22 May 2015 Portland City Fair Demonstrators Needed
02 Apr 2015 April meeting
06 Mar 2015 Oregon Woodturning Symposium - Volunteer Work
05 Mar 2015 March Meeting
28 Feb 2015 Sharpening - Refine Your Skills
05 Feb 2015 February Meeting

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